Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Great Product Improvements from Yahoo!

Yahoo has recently unveiled a couple of great improvements to their web products, and Yahoo! News. If you are a blogging type, these are great additions to your arsenal to "get out there".

Starting with Flickr, they used to offer a Pro account at $24.95/year. It's still the same price. However, instead of limiting you to 2GB in uploads per month, they are allowing Pro accounts unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. The free accounts now offer 100 MB upload bandwidth/month, I think. This is great in that it allows you to work in all your photos as needed rather than have to pace yourself throughout the month. I like using flickr to post to my blog with pics. Ironically, I'm posting this without a picture. I've been busy shoving all my pics on my Flickr account and geotagging everything. As we speak, one computer is uploading while I post on the other.

Oh, that's another thing. You can geotag your photos so that you can see on a map where you took pics. In addition, you can view other peoples' pics by location. Of course, it depends on whether other people have taken the trouble to geotag. This is a great feature because it adds another dimension to your blogging.

Moving on to Yahoo News, they have created You Witness News. This service makes it possible for you to become a citizen journalist. Simply submit your pic or video and story for publication. They even have some tutorials. This is great for aspiring journalists and bloggers who want to participate in the news business.

The web is becoming more and more fun lately for creative types.

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