Monday, December 25, 2006

Breadsmith Coffee Cake

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My wife and I went to Breadsmith, a bakery on the corner of 10th and Nolana, near the Barnes & Noble. My brother-in-law requested that we pick up a coffee cake at Breadsmith for Christmas Eve.

You won't believe how incredible it smells when you walk into Breadsmith. Baking bread instantly makes you hungry. It's just one of those scents that hits the most primal parts of your psyche. As if to further make a point to us, we had to stand in line at the bakery just to place our order. I expect this at a panaderia as most of us like the Mexican sweet breads. I wasn't expecting a line at a shop that makes different kinds of bread loafs.

Going back to our task, the coffee cake at Breadsmith is delicious. The small cakes are $2.50 and the large ones are $6.50. We have decided that this is where we will buy our specialty breads from now on. I suggest you make a quick stop at the bakery and decide for yourself whether Breadsmith is a place you'll frequent. Worst-case scenario, they'll have to bake something for you. You'll simply have to sacrifice and spend some time at Barnes & Noble and Starbucks next door.

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Anonymous said...

It does smell good in there! I went for the first time last week. While the bread I got was very good the service was HORRIBLE! I was so frustrated by the time I walked out that I probably won't go back.

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