Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Early sun setting

Sun setting
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It seems that as soon as I get out of work, the sun starts setting. I have a burnt out headlight that I'm going to replace today. Lately, I've had to rush home to get there before sundown. I've been pulled over for that and also for having the license plate light burnt out. I know better than to risk it for something inexpensive.

I got my first state check yesterday. I had trouble cashing it at HEB, Wal-Mart, Capital One, IBC, and a payday advance place. I finally got it cashed at a check cashing place across University from Wal-Mart. At the stores, the check was for more than their cashing limit. At the banks, you need an account so they will cash a check. The payday advance place only gives out payday advance loans. It took my whole lunch hour to find a place. I guess the State of Texas checks don't carry the same faith as a cashier's check. Next month will be easier with direct deposit.


Mack T. Harrison said...

Nice photo. Regarding banks and checks, most of them (at least mine does this) will cash non-account holders' checks if you go inside to the teller, but the drive-through is reserved for account holders only.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I'm enjoying the use of my cameraphone for posts.

I did go inside the lobby at IBC and Capital One. I half wanted to try more banks just to see if maybe one would make the exception. I was, however, short on time, so I sought other options.

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