Sunday, December 06, 2009

McAllen Tea Party: Christmas Party and So Much More...

A Christmas Party This Saturday!

         An Important MTP Meeting Tuesday Night!
   An Opportunity To Hear Tina Binkhauser Thurs.!
Dear Shaine,

We are invited by Linda Moore to the river this Saturday night, Dec. 12th,  for a McAllen Tea Party Christmas party at the Riverside Club in Mission (956/585-1033) right on the levee from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  Linda will bring maps to the meeting Tuesday night and give verbal directions to anyone who would like them. Everyone should bring a finger food  or a dessert for our Christmas buffet for everyone to enjoy.  Tea and coffee will be provided.  Soft drinks will be available for purchase. Come enjoy the lights, the food and the fellowship.  Thanks, Linda!
Reminder:  This Tuesday night at 7:00 PM will be an important MTP meeting at Christian Fellowship Church, 2201 Trenton Road in McAllen.  We ask you to read the short bylaws that members will be voting on at the meeting.  We emailed them to everyone and you can
also find them on our website at .
When you arrive, please take a membership form and a list of committees when you arrive.  We ask you to fill out the form,  go to the table marked for Dues Payment, and receive a ballot and bylaws to review.
There will be tables with 5 Standing Committees, which are listed in the bylaws.  Please choose one of them and be aware we will have sub-committees spinning off from them.  For instance, Political Awareness will have sub-committees on Bills and Legislation, but also Elections 2010.  Each Standing Committee wil elect a chair, who will serve on the Executive Committee.
If you cannot make the meeting, but would like to be a member of McAllen Tea Party Association, you may mail in your check made out to McAllen Tea Party Association to 5111 N. 10th, Box 298; McAllen, TX 78504.  Please include a return address, so we can mail your decal/bumper sticker to you.  Extra decal/bumperstickers can be bought for $5 each.
RGV Tea Parties have an opportunity to hear Tina Binkhauser, a Texas attorney, who began on the grassroots level.  She will be able to speak to us this Thursday, Dec. 10th, at 10:00 AM, location to be determined. 
She has served as the the Texas Chairwoman of the Republican Party and is now serving as Chairwoman of Rick Perry's campaign for Governor.  Tina Binkhauser will leave her partisan hat at home to speak to us, so her main qualifications for speaking to us is that she is a conservative, who began at the grassroots level. 
Our main question is: WHO IS INTERESTED IN HEARING THIS WOMAN SPEAK ON "CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES" THIS THURSDAY AT 10:00 AM? We need an RSVP, if you plan to attend,  as soon as you can email us at with a "yes".  We will , then, let you know the location, depending on the size of the group.  This is a wonderful opportunity to glean information from a woman who has been there and done that.
McAllen Tea Party 

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