Sunday, July 31, 2005

Mexico is Like New York City

I've spoken to people who have lived in New York City. I've asked about their experience visiting some of the landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, museums, going up the tall buildings like the Empire State Building, and before they were destroyed, the twin towers. I've also seen this mentioned in movies, television, and print. People who live there don't visit these places. It's an "I'll get around to it, eventually" attitude.

I don't know how many others do this, but I have the same attitude towards crossing the border. I don't remember the last time I went to Reynosa. It's been over a year, maybe two. It's not a bad place. I lived there a couple summers as a kid. The border is right there. It's pretty cheap to cross over and come back. I would save money by shopping for some stuff over there. The problem is that it's just so inconvenient to go. It's not on the way anywhere; I'd have to go there to get there. I have no compelling reason to go. I have no relatives there. I have no business to conduct there. I don't have enough consecutive free time to devote to going there, doing whatever it is I could do, and then cross back. If I were to go, it would be just for the sake of going.

That brings me back to how New Yorkers don't visit their own tourist attractions. If they were to go, it would be just because. You can put off just because indefinitely because there is no urgency to it. I feel more urgency in catching a movie, going to a park, or going for a bike ride. And those things are more convenient. So, I'll probably go to Mexico at some point. Perhaps if somebody who's never been asks me to take them. Who knows, maybe I'll be so bored one day I'll go just to see what's up.

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