Saturday, July 30, 2005

Claim to Flame, Stop the Hate

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I recently set up as a way of combatting bogus websites and one site that provides information on 1 single issue regarding Mission, Tx. In less than 1 week I was able to get hate mail. I agree with helping the people who are suffering the effects of chemical contamination. I just don't think it should be a political cause, using these people as pawns to push an environmental movement. When you get groups such as La Raza Unida, and United Farm Workers involved in things like this, their self glorification drowns out the help they may be giving. The picture shown here has three links to LRU, UFW, and CHEJ. You also see the start of an ad to the Dos Centavos blog. There is also a plug for the Mission-Texas blog, which does NOT allow any comments from visitors. Can't stand dissent.

Here is the latest mail I got:

I linked your site from our blog. Below is what it says.


I heard about another Mission site that mentioned our site within it.
It is: This is what they had to say about us:

" You would think that this would be a community oriented site. It's a single issue website run by La Raza UnidaK. This site is dedicated to the quest to prove that the pesticide plant on Holland is the cause for cancer for residents in the area. They also have a blog at"

Firstly, thank you for your link. I wanted to know that your opinion inspired me to address the chisme going around the town of Mission about our cause. Here are most popular lies about us/it:

Lie #1 - The contamination is only around the areas where the bodegas are located.

The constant Valley breeze, rains and floods exposed a radius of many miles of land and communities to these contaminants. These chemical mixing and production plants were in production for over 40 years, not to mention the chemical train spills that occurred in those areas and around other parts.

Lie #2 - WE aren't community oriented.

Then why are we comprised of literally thousands from the community?

Lie #3 - We are run by La Raza Unida.

We team up with La Raza Unida, United Farm Workers, the Center for Health, Environment, and Justice, the Esperanza Center, MECha, Sierra Club, Environmental Working Group, La Nueva Raza, and individual activists throughout the counrty. The website is run by la Adelita.

Lie #4 - We are on a quest to prove contamination.

The contamination has been proven by EPA, TCEQ, Shaw, and countless Toxicologists and Scientists. You can go to and click on their links. The federal records were at the Mission Library and have since oh so mysteriously been moved to McAllen. Tests and geographic studies are still being conducted.

Thank you for the link, Just remember that denial is the first stage. Don't feel bad about it though, it is a perfectly normal first reaction.

Posted by Adelita to la plática at 7/30/2005 11:24:00 AM

Prior to this, I got:

It is a good site. Accentuating the Hike and Bike Trail is a great
idea, nature in deed should be visited and appreciated.

Obviously you have not visited and really read anything on our website.

Apparently you're just another sheep in their flock. Maybe one day
you'll understand, but then again maybe not.

Good luck in life, stay healthy and learn about your environment.

God Bless,


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