Monday, July 04, 2005

Dating in the RGV

One curious difference in the RGV from the rest in the country has to do with dating. There is a difference in terms and a difference in significance. Let's start with the significance.

It is possible for friends to go out together, as in a boy and a girl, without commitment. It is however, rare. Going out mostly means that there is some level of commitment. In fact, going out implies some exclusivity. Whereas in other parts of the country, there is going out, going steady, and engagement. In the RGV, there is going steady and engagement. Going out happens when you go on a date with somebody. You can go out on dates with several people with no serious commitment implied or demanded. Once you go steady, you exclusively date somebody. You keep doing that until you decide to break up or get engaged. Engagement is the final step before marriage. I don't think that further explanation is required for either engagement and marriage.

In the RGV the terms are a bit mixed. In the local culture, you "go around" with somebody before having a date. Going around means going steady. So basically, you could jump from being acquainted to going steady before even having a first date. So, if you accept a date, beware that it involves a little more than just having some fun. Don't even mention going steady unless you want a blank stare.

So there you have it. Instead of a 3 step process, it's truncated to 2 steps. Be aware that the terms are a bit different, and you'll do fine.

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