Saturday, July 30, 2005

Future Hurricane Flooding Prevention

According to Arturo Duran of the IBWC, flooding could be a problem if a hurricane were to directly hit us in the Rio Grande Valley. Just a reminder to residents and for anybody looking into moving to the RGV, we live in a valley. Our region is flood prone. We do have levees and drainage canals in place to reduce flooding. Apparently our current system is due for upgrades, which according the the article, can be done incrementally. So, with a little work by the IBWC, the feds, local counties, and municipalities, we can reduce the threat of severe flooding over time. Hidalgo recently realized that their levees have been neglected and have asked to have some work done.

The reason that we can take our time on these projects is that once you have a drainage canal dug, you don't have to redig it. You simply need to dredge it once in a while to clear out mud and vegetation. Here is an example of our government looking out for us.

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