Saturday, July 30, 2005

Local Outlet Mall on the Way

Mercedes, Texas will be the next place to have an outlet mall. They will be the only city in the Rio Grande Valley to boast such an addition. This will be great for shoppers who would otherwise travel to San Marcos to shop. Now, we will only have to travel to Mercedes for great products at even better prices. Mercedes attempts in the past have fallen through, but have now got a firm commitment.

No doubt that this is a great coup by Mercedes in capturing the Mexican tourist dollars. The company that will develop the outlet mall owns another outlet mall in Mexico City. Therefore, the Mexican market is already familiar with their premier stores and would already know what to expect.

Prior to this, the biggest news was the merger of Foley's into Macy's. That's got to have some attraction for high ticket shoppers.

To recap, this deal would keep our dollars in the RGV and would also capture tourist dollars that would have wound up in San Marcos. Great job, Mercedes!

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