Friday, June 16, 2006

We went to Players

We went to eat dinner at Players here in Oshkosh per Tino Gallegos's suggestion. I had fish and chips. My mom had a gyro. Alma had the mushroom and swiss burger. The kids had spaghetti. It was a very affordable price. The portions were good. Best of all, Players was down the street from UWO. We ate outside on the deck. It was suprisingly nice.
Another thing I did was try a Leinie. Actually, I tried two. They had the Berry Weiss, which is in season. I also tried their Red. The Berry was too fruity for me. I liked the Red a little better. I could not get a Pabst Blue Ribbon, it was not on the menu. Across the street, however, there was a bar that serves Pabst. I was already buzzing, so we came back to the dorm.
Thanks, Tino, for the suggestion. Now if there are suggestions for St. Paul, MN, I'm all ears.

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