Friday, June 16, 2006

Menomenee Park and other attractions

My mom took the opportunity to take the kids to Menomenee Park in Oshkosh while my wife and I were in training last Saturday. They report that it's a nice park, very big. They visited with some family friends who were visiting from Wautoma and others who were also in training this week. They played volleyball against some other park visitors. I understand that you have to take a trash bag into the park so that you can take out your trash. They had fun. The only drawback, currently, is that the park is filled with mosquitos. I understand that you can hear them travel in swarms around you. I exaggerated a little when I told my wife that the mosquitos here are so big that they have fur. What is true is that they are big.
Today was the last day of our training. We will be going out to eat at Players for fish fry, per Tino Gallegos's ( recommendation. When we come back, we'll have to start packing our things so that we can head out on Saturday morning.
We will be staying at the University until tomorrow morning. We should be checked out by 9 am. We have a motel reservation in Rice Lake starting Sunday, which UMOS will pay up to 5 days while we seek an apartment. We still need to find a place to stay for Saturday night. The complication is that Rice Lake has an event going on this weekend, which has all the lodging booked up until Sunday. Eau Claire, the nearest town with lodging, is booked up too. My family discussed it, and we have decided to go straight into St Paul, Minnesota to spend Saturday night. We plan on visiting the Mall of America ( We might as well get some tourism in if we are going to have to pay for our own hotel. The next day, we can head to Rice Lake and check in at the AmericInn.
I understand that Rice Lake is a very small town, but bigger than anything else around for miles. The good news is that they have a Wal-Mart. That, for me, is all I need to know. I'll fill you in as I learn more about where I'll be staying. I have plenty of pics of our experience here. Unfortunately, I don't have broadband access and have had to get an AOL account.Therefore, uploading the pics would take ages. As it is, I am having trouble downloading some of the press releases sent for SpinRGV.

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