Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ow, that hurts

I smashed my finger today while moving a big commercial upright freezer. It's one of those stainless steel ones with two doors. Those things are really heavy even after you strip off the doors, shelves, and other detachable parts. We were tipping it over sideways to fit it through a door. We let it go close to the floor so that we could slide it over the carpet, except that I did not let go fast enough. The freezer landed on my fingers with most of the weight resting on one. I didn't fracture my finger, the rude one; but, it does hurt and is tender to the touch. I may have cracked it. In the same job, one of the other guys got his leg caught between the same freezer and a stair. The thing with massive items is that it takes a lot of force to get them moving and a lot of force to stop them from moving. We managed to put the freezer in storage without any further incidents. I have trouble writing with a pen or pencil. Typing is still doable, obviously.
We are getting a good turnout from migrant families in the center. We are close to meeting our minimum enrollment requirement to open. We almost have all the details set up to open as well.
It's late. I have to work tomorrow. Just a quick note: I may have to change jobs. You can read more in my personal blog.

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