Thursday, June 15, 2006

Preemptive strike

I've noticed that Jay Regalado is writing the following comment on everybody's blogs:
If you're a victim of crime....don't remain silent.

There's help out there. The Office of the Attorney General serves victims of crime by administering the compensation to victims of crime fund and related grants, and by offering training and outreach programs.

The Attorney General's website is or you can call the office at 512 463-2100.

In addition, A buddy of mine also works for A Child Advocates Center for any children victims in Hidalgo County (IN OUR VERY OWN GREAT CITY OF EDINBURG Office, 956-287-9754)
So, before Jay comes commenting on mine, I figured I'd put it on a post myself. If any of you know Jay, tell him that he's not blogging, he's posting comment spam. It's for a good cause; but, it has no relation to the post topics. I think most of us would be willing to help him start a blog to advocate victims of crime. There's always SpinRGV to help get the word out as well. Jay, you are welcome to use that site to blog.
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