Thursday, June 22, 2006

I did it!

I've never been a money grubbing worker, so this is my first time. I feel bad about leaving my current job for another; but at the same time, I recognize that I need the money and it would be irresponsible to stay put. We need to show a profit on this trip. So far, we are in the negative. I learned that our season will not be four months as I thought. It will only be three months. With a shortened season, we won't earn as much as we need if we both work at the Head Start. Our needs include our earning goal and the need to recover what we have spent. My wife will stay on and I will jump over to another job that pays better. It's not difficult or dangerous. In fact, the job is very boring and routine.
Today, I went over to the Seneca plant to apply for the job. It's funny, I got the job before I even finished filling out the application. The biggest selling point was that I am bilingual. Many of the applicants don't speak English. They were already warming up one of the office workers to help me fill out the application. When I gave a "good morning", you could see the relief that I could fill out the application on my own. I was talking to the person in charge of hiring. He told me that the locals don't usually tough it out the entire season. It's the migrant workers who will stay for the long haul. I start orientation tomorrow. I wish I could have given longer notice before changing jobs. I hate to just up and leave like that. I need to turn in a letter of resignation tomorrow. So, I have another job now.
I think I can still continue blogging regularly, but there will be a pause this weekend. Believe it or not, AOL does NOT have a local dial-up number for Rice Lake. The apartment where we will be moving in has a computer and internet service company across the street, so I'll go over there to see what we can do to get me hooked up. I'll be working 12 hour shifts 7 days a week until the end of September. So expect few and boring entries.

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