Saturday, December 31, 2005

Speaking of mojados

While writing the last post, I was reminded of a recent experience with a mojado I met recently. I occasionally am called upon to give people a ride home. This guy I met, whom I no longer transport, is a mojado. In English, that's a wetback. For the sensitive crowd, an undocumented worker. Anyway, it's a common misconception that mojados are ignorant, stinky, dirty, and ill-mannered peasants. Well, most Mexicans, including the wealthy ones with whom I often mingle, are ill-mannered. However, many of them are well educated, even the poor ones.

So, this guy works in construction. He knows everything about the field. He can roof, lay tile, frame, lay a foundation, set brick, and even make granite countertops. I have a tendency to get to know people; so I got to know him. This guy knew about the bible and about some of the books I've read like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and some other similar books. He is living in, shall we say "low-income housing". Yet, he and his wife have an anchor baby in this country. He bought land and built a 6 unit apartment building, which is in his son's name. His son is 13 years old. His wife owns a small store. He visits them on occasion, or they visit him on occasion. He has made good money in the past.

I read a book called Deals on Wheels some time ago. It's about buying and selling used mobile homes. This mojado was telling me about the virtues of building homes and selling them, especially tax lien properties. His problem is that he can't do that because he's here illegally. He needs somebody from here to be his front. I mentioned to him that he could also make money with used mobile homes as described in Deals on Wheels. I gave him the details of how it's done and he really liked it. What is really great about these deals is the low cost of entry into the market and the high demand. He seemed really excited. I have no doubt he will make it happen.

I also shared my knowledge from Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I explained to him that most Americans are educated and trained to be employees. We don't have to hustle and, therefore, don't know how to hustle to make money. In addition, we spend more time saving money on the spending side rather than the investing side.

What really impressed me about this guy is his knowledge of the Bible and books in the genre of Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. He was really interested in The Millionaire Next Door, which I've read. I gave him some of the findings of this book. One of which is that most of our millionaires are first generation immigrants. Sure, there are millionaire Americans, but they are outnumbered by immigrants. I also told him that most millionaires are net savers. They try not to spend, like Sam Walton. I also explained to him that there is a difference between high earners and millionaires. High earners, like doctors, lawyers, and such, spend their money as easily as they make it. They like the good life. Many millionaires, on the other hand, stay humble. This gave him much comfort and inspiration. I have no doubt that he will do well.

Not only that, he inspired me to hustle as well. Since then, I have given my employer notice that I am looking for better opportunities. So, it's my turn to go out and make a buck. I look at the job market and I am disappointed. I think I shall have to make business for myself. I made the mistake of asking friends for their opinion on a business idea I had. They discouraged me. Apparently, it's too much effort for too little a reward. I've decided, it's worth a try. I wish to thank the mojado for his inspiration. I wish him luck in his ventures.

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