Saturday, December 31, 2005

It's amazing

I was amazed that people like this think that building a wall across the border is similar to the Berlin wall. I would agree that it is similar to the Great Wall of China. You see, the Berlin wall was meant to keep people in more than it was for keeping people out. The Great Wall of China was, like the recent legislation's plan, meant to keep people out. Chinese people are not racist for one reason. Everyone in China is Chinese. This is probably mostly true because they had the wall to keep out Mongols and Manchurians.

The biggest argument I hear from people that it's a bad idea to build a wall across our border is because it will not stop people from crossing it. DUH! It won't stop people from entering the country illegally. That is a given. It will, however, slow them down considerably. Well, no, it won't. The problem with the wall is that it's a government project. Let me tell you the reason why it's destined to fail.

You see, the Great Wall of China was not built by one emperor, it was progessively built over generations. You don't expect a project of such a massive scale to be built within a few years. Come on! The Wall is visible from space! That's a lot of rock that has to be shaped and put together to make a wall. Once it was built, it was effective in stopping invasions. But keep in mind, it's a big ass wall!

That is the reason why our wall will fail. You see, Chinese emperors could order the wall to be built. The Federal Government of the United States has to award the project to the lowest bidders. If we could build the Great Wall of America, we would no doubt put a big brake on illegal immigration. Since our government hasn't that authority, the wall will probably hold people off for a couple days before they chisel their way through.

Therefore, all you liberals who are opposed to the wall, forget about it. You make a big deal over something that, by your own admission, won't work. I know it won't work. You know it won't work. So, let the wall be built. Think of all the jobs that will be created for building the wall. I know most of the workers here in the Rio Grande Valley building the wall will be mojados. Are you against mojados getting jobs?
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