Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Haciendo Chile con el Rabo

There is a Mexican saying: Estan haciendo chile con el rabo.

Loosely translated, it means "they're pretty angry". The literal translation is "they're making pepper with the tail". Something gets lost in translation.

Anyway, the Dems are probably haciendo chile con el rabo over the president's recent rise in approval. GW is kicking butt on two fronts: Iraq and the economy. In Iraq, the recent elections are proof that he was right about the Iraqis wanting to govern themselves. Even the Sunnis turned out to vote.

On the economy, just watch CNNfn, Bloomberg, or other financial networks. Listen to Bob Brinker on the weekends. You'll have known that the economy has been surging ahead like a machine. The only downer on the economy is the President's reluctance to reign in spending by the Republicrats. We have low interest rates, single digit unemployment, and a pretty steady cosumer price index despite fighting a war against terrorism, getting hit by two hurricanes, fuel cost instability, and the constant downplaying by opponents of the president.

I'll grant you that the President of the United States does not have the power to control the economy. He does have, however, the ability to give his country confidence in its own ability to push ahead and win. That has been the President's message all along. We'll find terrorists and kill the bastards. We'll hold accountable those who helped them. We'll grow the economy by letting people keep their money. He said it, and we're doing it. It has not mattered what roadblocks the Dems throw in our country's way, we have been able to overcome them. It's unbelievable that the Dems want us to fail with such passion. When they attack the president, our chief cheerleader, they are attacking us, their constituents. Don't they want us to have a great economy? Don't they want us to finish the mission in Iraq successfully?

The truth is, the dems are as we Mexicans say, "nomas quieren estar chingando." I won't translate that. Although it upsets me, I am glad in a way. I am happy that the Dems are chinge y chinge. For one, we are getting a great look at their character. Another benefit to their anti-victory efforts are that they are targeting the President in their attacks. They are so rabidly anti George W. Bush that they don't realize that he's just a figurehead for a movement. GW didn't get up there by himself. America put him up there. Anybody against GW is against the majority of America. Most of America is Christian. Most of America does not live like what you see on TV or in the movies. Most of America is not the Hollywood, New York, or Boston elite who have no clue what blue collar America is. More importantly, most of America is NOT ASHAMED OF BEING AMERICAN AND PROMOTING AMERICAN IDEALS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. I hope that wasn't too subtle. I'm not so good at nuance. In my book, it's always America First. I have the good fortune to have been born in this country. I enjoy my Mexican heritage, but I know I have little in common with my brethren 5 miles south of me. We share a language, cuisine, and distrust of authorities. Other than that, I identify with American ideals. Our country did not become so great because it follows French, German, Mexican, Cuban, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Rowandan, Thai, or any other foreign desires. Our country is great because it is founded in fundamental ideals and a can-do attitude that inspires us to achieve all that we can. If you're anti George W. Bush, you are against our national pride and self interest. This is why Dems, despite their constant complaining that we are losing the war, and we don't have enough troop or have too many troops, and any number of complaints, they could not vote to have an immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq. If they were so sure that it's what America wants, then why not vote to bring our troops home? Because, they know America wants to win. America supports our troops in deed, not only in word. AMERICA DOES NOT QUIT! Dems on the other hand, when it came time to go on record in their vote to bring home the troops right away, they gave in and voted against the measure they wanted. Quitters!

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