Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A CAPITOL BLOG: Mexican Special Force Agents Modeled on FBI Under Investigation

Just want to post a quick, see, I told you so. The Mexican AFI, their version of our FBI, has agents under investigation for "probably committing crimes." Come on, probably? Let me tell you that drug cartels are much better financed than the federal government in Mexico. There is no way the government can afford to pay agents better than drug lords. In addition, there is no way the government can protect agents and their families from drug lords.

The irony, as mentioned previously, is that we pay for all this. When we reduce supply on the streets, it increases the price of drugs. This is more incentive for cartels to do everything in their power to bring their stuff in. The additional money also gives them more options by allowing them to pay off officials in both countries and to afford better logistics.

Vicente Fox and the succeeding presidents of the Mexican Republic simply cannot win so long as there is poverty in Mexico. Easy money is just too much of an incentive for people who have a tough time getting ahead. Money pays for workforce for the cartels. Money pays for corrupt officials. Money pays for transport. Money pays for American officials. Our problem is not the agents, the street dealers, the smugglers, or the cartels. Our problem is the money we shell out for drugs. If cartels couldn't make money, they would not exist. The harder we fight them, so long as we fiddle around with the pipeline rather than the supply, the more money they make.

We could blame the dealer down the street. But he's in it for the money. If that guy down the street doesn't have drugs, somebody else will. If you have the money, you will find a seller. The buyer is the problem. We have one of the most productive countries in the world. Our workforce is bent on blowing cash on drugs. You would think that with all the workplace drug tests that the demand would be squelched. If you don't do drugs. Good for you. Now, go watch your kids, they probably do, or know somebody who does. Quit screwing around with your career and pay attention to your family. Americans have the power to kill the demand simply by being there for the family. That is, unless you do drugs yourself. In that case, try to cut back.

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