Monday, October 31, 2005

The Man Has Redeemed Himself

GW was wussing out by nominating Harriet Miers to the SCOTUS. I'm sure she is very talented and accomplished. Knowing Bush's track record on judicial nominations, she was probably "The One". The only issue that most conservatives have is that she has no track record as a judge, which makes everybody squeamish because they've been burned before (See Justice Souter). Now, GW has gone to the other end of the spectrum, he has nominated somebody with a well known track record, judge Samuel Alito. You know that he's a great judge because the Democrats are screaming bloody murder about him being an "extremist".

I am pleased with the President's choice. I wanted to see a good dust-up in congress. The more time they spend arguing over this, the less time they have to reach into our pockets and curb our rights. That segues nicely with the next topic. Yes, it does.

The reason that we should like judges like Scalia and Alito is that they follow the intent and letter of the constitution. Things like abortion should never have gone to the Supreme Court. Abortion is THE issue that has raised hackles against Alito. Prevent Parenthood has already called for his rejection. Nobody really cares so much about other issues, coming from the left. On the right, we want a constitutional originalist. The fact that he is not pro-abortion is the icing on the cake. I say that this issue should never have gone to the Supreme Court because there is no article or amendment in the U.S. Constitution that addresses abortion. All powers NOT enumerated by the constitution are reserved for the states. Abortion should be a state issue. We may well end up having states where abortion is legal and others where it isn't. That should be for us to decide locally.

This is where I agree with the Supreme Court on their recent decision with respect to Eminent Domain. This is something that the states should handle, and they have. Many conservatives believe that the decision was one in which our rights were eroded. I believe that the decision empowered state and local officials to make the decision for themselves.

So, a judge who sticks to what is in the Constitution is a brake on the runaway enthusiasm of the lawyers in Congress. Remember, it is not government that gives us our rights. The Constitution is not a document that gives us any rights. Our rights come from God. The Constitution is a document that LIMITS government's powers. All the rights that the lawyers in congress tell us that they want to give us is a bunch of spin. They can ensure our rights be not meddling with them. This also applies to the lawyers on the Supreme Court. Judicial activism is not a Constitutional authority for the SCOTUS. If the brakes give out on the them, we have nothing to stop the U.S. Government from meddling in anything. Every law made somehow always ends up limiting our freedom, even the ones that "guarantee" our freedoms. Those are the worst because in order to exercise our freedom, we need to do this, and fill out this form, and pay this fee, and get this certification, and on and on. My right to bear arms, for instance, requires a background check, a permit, a course, and who knows what else. It's a right that I can't exercise freely. I'm sure you can think of other rights that aren't.

I look forward to the bloody battle in Congress to get judge Alito confirmed. It is reassuring that GW is doing something we asked him to do when we voted for him. Let's keep this government from granting us any more rights by limiting the government to doing what is in the constitution. So, from the bottom of my heart, "Thank you, Mr. President".

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