Monday, October 03, 2005

KURV Has the Dave Ramsey Show

One of the better things that our local talk radio station, KURV, has brought to the audience is the Dave Ramsey Show. The show is played at 9 PM. If you miss the show, one of the better things that Dave Ramsey does is that he provides the show in mp3 format for free if you miss it.

Dave Ramsey provides atypical advice on financial success. His biggest emphasis is living debt free. He's crazy about NOT using credit cards or borrowing any money for any reason. If you really MUST borrow, he recommends a 15 year fixed-rate mortgage. That's all. As a result of this advice, you never have to worry about a credit rating because you won't need to borrow. Essentially, whatever money you would have used to make payments on debt can be used to invest. Dave repeatedly states that you should live like nobody else so that later you can live like nobody else. Meaning, you can retire rich rather than in debt. Best of all, Dave has a system to help people climb out of financial problems.

KURV has done a great public service.

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