Friday, February 11, 2011

Social Media Workshop at Pharr Literacy Project

This morning I spent some time at the Pharr Literacy Project conducting a social media introduction. The place was bustling with activity, which I was not expecting. The center seems to have a very hands-on approach to carrying out their mission.

Currently, the organization is hosting a series of seminars through March 11, every Friday starting at 9:30, covering a range of topics geared to improving the skills of their clients.

The organization is looking for a development director, whose job will be to seek and acquire sponsorships. The position does not offer much in terms of salary; on the bright side, there is opportunity to earn more based on performance in developing said sponsorships.

The organization, from my observance, could also use some help in spreading the word about their work. They currently have a website; but could use a little help updating it and publicizing their work.

I admire the work they are doing; I hope to learn more next Friday when I return for part two of the workshop.

I'll be better prepared to take notes and ask questions so I can do a better job of sharing what I learn.

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