Friday, February 25, 2011

looking for childcare or a childcare job?

I got this in my email the other day. Seems like it's possibly a good
idea. I always applaud people with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Looking for childcare/nanny/babysitter?

Baby-Sit The RGV is a nanny networking company in the rio grande valley.

How does this work?

You let me know how many children you have and what days and times you
need someone and the caregiver will go to your home!

Before you make your decision there is a screening process with
background checks available upon request
and an interview with your sitter and myself.

The rate is $9/hour for up to 2 children and $11/hour for up to 4
children all payment is done through Baby-Sit The RGV

Looking for a childcare/petcare job?

I am looking to hire experienced childcare givers now. please send
your resume and three valid refferences to

thank you
Jessica Hope Murph

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