Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Memory upgrade

Memory upgrade
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I went shopping for prices on memory card upgrades for my Hipster PDA. I still have not maxed out my current memory, but I wanted to be prepared. Expansion cards go from a couple of dollars for 100 to about $8 for 500. Then there are cards with different formats I'd like to try with my Hipster for compatibility. I like using my Hipster display in portrait mode, but there are some nice expansion cards that work in landscape mode only.

In other news, I recorded another episode of the Davis Rankin show today, but left my recorder at work. I wanted to upload it tonight, but that won't be possible. I'll have it for you tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I'll be at UTPA tomorrow with Rep. Pena and Orlando. Afterwards, we will go to another meeting about water. That one will also be interesting.

Today, I got in touch with several knowledgable people about our voter verifiable paper trails, even some who are against. There is value in direct contact versus book and Internet research.

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