Wednesday, November 01, 2006

John Kerry's How to Make Enemies and Stop Influencing People

Backup in case video gets deleted from YouTube

You won't believe the timing of this. Today I got the ball rolling to enlist in the U.S. Army Reserve. The recruiter was not too pleased with this clown's remark. The recruiter has a degree in Criminal Justice. He quit his job and went full-time with the Army. I am 21 hours away from graduating with a degree in Finance. With my pending job, what need would I have to risk deployment?

Does the recruiter need the Army to get educated? No. He already is. I've got this far without the Army; I'm pretty sure I don't need it. Some other things I've learned today. The Army is seeing an increase in 41.5 year old enlistments. They are even seeing father/son and mother/daughter enlistments. Can you imagine going through basic training and AIT with your child beside you?

Despite what some would have you believe, some of us want to serve our country because it's the right thing to do. I want to do more than just pay our veterans lip service. I admire them enough to want to become one of them. I would be honored if my son or daughter one day made the same choice. Some people have that sense of duty and honor. Others, like the clown in the video who used the military as a stepping stone, think everybody else does the same. There is no nuance here, he said it.


To his credit. Senator Kerry apologized. It seems as though it may not have been enough to some soldiers in Irak.

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