Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Saved some, lost some

In my job over at Seneca, in the tons and tons of green beans, I occasionally get live animals that get swept up by the farm machinery. I've had rabbits, rats, mice, snakes, and toads. Some arrive dead and some arrive living.  There isn't much one can do for dead animals. The live ones, I can rescue and put out of the way so that they have a chance to live longer lives.
I swear that I work with a bunch of savages. When they see the toads going by in the conveyor or hopping around in the dumper, they grab them and toss them out into the parking lot. These creatures were not designed for a 20 foot flight onto asphalt. Upon impact, they stop moving. When I rescued a snake, I put it down by the fence so that it would go away. As soon as I did that, this Mexican comes by with a shovel, scoops it up, and flings the snake into the street where it got run over by a car. I have to rescue these animals when nobody is looking because there is no compassion from these beasts.
Today, I saved a couple toads. I've rescued others this week as well.

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