Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How they do it

One gets curious about how some of the undocumented workers come into the country. One common way of doing it is to swim across the Rio Grande and run like hell. But not everybody does this. There is a much easier and less risky way of doing it. All you have to do is cross the bridge legally. Yes, some of the people working up here in Wisconsin came across the border legally. They did this by getting a tourist visa and then staying here. All they need to do to get the visa is show proof of employment and other documents that prove that the person has a stable life back home. Once here, they go find work. Back in the RGV, many undocumented workers will cross the bridge as tourists and then send their visa back home with somebody. The reason for this is that if there is a raid and they get picked up, they won't lose their visa. They get shipped back to Mexico and are back in the U.S. the next day, legally. Many of the undocumented workers actually do have bank accounts and other proof of their stability back home. However, if they did not, they could buy counterfeit documentation.
In a way, these desmojados (they didn't swim across) are taking from our country. On the other hand, while they stay and work, they are buying food, paying rent, buying American goods, and paying somebody else's taxes. This brings me to how they are able to acquire work once they are here. Simply, they rent somebody's identity. What you do is pay somebody who won't be working to borrow their name and social security number for one year. The person makes money up front and in the back-end with their tax return. In any case, it seems we both win. We get the labor and we get what they spend on living expenses; they earn more money than they would back home.
I can't help laughing at how easily simple Mexicans are able to circumvent all the laws created by the brilliant minds in Congress. I don't begrudge people coming here to seek opportunity. I am opposed to the breaking of the law, which is a misdemeanor. Either make the law with teeth or get rid of it. I want our government to enforce their law so that they may figure out how dumb the whole thing is. Hundreds of brilliant lawyers could not come up with something to stop tourists from overstaying their visas. Now Congress is doing all they can to "solve the immigration problem". The problem is not immigration, it's Congress. They either need to grow a pair and shut down the border, or they should just get out of the business. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, don't let these clowns fool you with their "for" or "against" stances on immigration issues. At the end of the day, they will "compromise" on a bill that is missing "cojones" and leave the same mess we have now, albeit with more paperwork. When you go out and vote, pay attention to the things that matter to you like education, abortion, farm subsidies, or whatever floats your boat. Don't let these Bozos fool you into thinking that only one issue is at stake here. Choose the official that best represents your overall view on how the government should be run, not just on a single issue.

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