Friday, November 04, 2005

GW is a rising star

I was just reading a short piece by William Kristol from the Weekly Standard. He mentions how October 2005 had been a tough month for the President. Something that had come to mind last month when the President's popularity rating was at an all time low and we had Harriet Miers as the prospective SCOTUS Justice was that GW was at his most popular and strongest when he didn't give in to the Dems. In fact, whenever he goes against the grain is when I like him the most. When he wimps out and gives in to the Dems, I lose a little respect for him. I know he wants to be a uniter and not a divider, but they don't play that game. Working with the Dems is like working with the devil. Ted Kennedy, for instance, used the President to get his education bill passed. Once that happened, Kennedy has become one of the President's worst critics. The Dems in Congress have no interest in getting along with the President. Whatever it is that he and the spineless Republicans in Congress propose, they're against. So, it's better to just give them hell and put the Dems on the defensive.

Here is my thinking, the Dems owe so many allegiances to so many disparate groups that they have little room to maneuvre. This is similar to a liar who has to remember each lie he ever told in order to keep the lie going. The elite like to call this a "nuanced position". It's just verbal acrobatics to be able to please a bunch of special interest groups with little in common other than that the Dems are the messenger boys. Put the Dems under stress by attacking them, and they become shrill and unsubstantive. They can't fight back without offending one of their allegiances.

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