Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Behaviour in Politics

I've been pondering the political scene lately and am seeing discrepancies. Call it ying yang, dichotomy, or just plain contradiction. What I mean is, there are opposites in play. This goes beyond just the Republican v Democrat fight. At the moment, they are like an old couple that likes to argue for the sake of arguing rather than trying to solve anything. But this is not what I mean. Let me point out some things and perhaps you can help me explain it better.

Hillary Clinton. We know she will run for President in the next election. As a senator, she could stay liberal and remain in office in New York indefinitely. Yet, you see her moving her position to the center. Today, she is advising against an Iraqi pullout. Of course, she has been known to criticize the current administration of lying to the public and the regular slew of anti-Bush talking points. Here is the opposing point. Her husband, the notorious Bill Clinton, recently told students in the Middle East that going to Iraq was a mistake. Dick Morris, Clinton's former political advisor, the one responsible for Bill's re-election, has pointed out that this is a team effort between Bill and Hillary to win back the white house. She can say that she is a moderate while Bill is out there appealing to the liberal base. She is presenting her game face while Bill is out expressing her true beliefs. This way, she can stand on two sides of the issues. She can be moderate and Bill can shore up the base. They are playing both sides of the fence.

Democrats jumped at the opportunity to back a Republican, Jack Murtha, who called for an immediate troop pullout. This is what they want, the Democrats, but they don't have the guts to make it an agenda item. They can't officially make it their position unless a Republican says it. Of course, this is great for Hillary because the Dems can swing left to give her the opportunity to appear to be in the center. As the election comes closer, I think this will become more prominent. The Dems will become super leftists to make Hillary appear like the best choice.
The recent "political stunt" the Republicans pulled to force a vote on whether or not to have an immediate withdrawal was genius. This forced the Dems to take a stand on the record. I once experienced a similar position. A friend and I were lost in the Da Vinci airport in Rome. I was complaining that we were jumping from country to country without a plan. So, my friend tells me, "OK, then you take over. Tell me what we should do." Of course, I had no plan. I was just as lost. So, I stopped complaining. We eventually found a place to stay. In essence, that is what happened to the Democrats and will continue to happen. I was being a whiny little bitch, and and they are being it now. They have no plan. Some have said that they don't need a plan as they are not in power. Of course, this is bull. If they have no plan, then they can't get back in power. Who is going to vote for somebody who doesn't know what to do? At least now they can go around saying that they support the troops AND.... voted to keep them deployed.

Another instance is that Republicans have the power of Government. They have been put there by the socially and fiscally conservative "religious right". Obviously, the thinking is that a Republican in office is better than a spend happy Democrat. Well, no. The Republicans are behaving like Democrats. They are spending money as fast as it comes into the treasury. They also support conservative issues, but run away from any criticism for supporting what their constituents want. Opposite of the Democrats who can't say what they truly represent in order to get elected, the Republicans can't do or support what they truly represent and aren't afraid to say. Dems can't say what they'll do; Republicans can't do what they say. I think both stem from lack of conviction from our elected officials. I don't know which is worse.

There are plenty of contradictions out there. I'm sure you know of some. These are just two that come to mind at the moment.

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