Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Took the political plunge

I took the plunge today. Laura Hinojosa visited the store and I asked her how the campaign is going. She says that she has been receiving support from the community. I would like to see what goes into a campaign, so I volunteered to help her get elected. Laura accepted and has invited me to help her campaign do some work on Thursday. The election is still a long ways off; she is starting early to maximize her support.

It's easy for anybody to be a backseat politician. So, in order to get vicarious experience in the electoral process, I volunteered to help Laura. It's exciting to be part of a campaign again. Last campaign I worked was Dukakis when I was in Jr. High. I was confused at that age and did not realize that I am conservative. Laura is probably Democrat too, but she's a nice enough lady. I'm willing to help her win for District Clerk. Besides, if I wait for a Republican to run a campaign and win in the Rio Grande Valley, I'm in for a long wait.

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