Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Aaron Peña On the Side of Cindy Sheehan?

Staff Sgt. Nick Martinez (left), of Eagle Pass, Texas, and Staff Sgt. Jose L. Padilla of San Antonio, Texas, hand out drinking water to Bedouin children in their patrol area. Members of Company B, 1st Battalion, 141st Infantry Regiment, the Guardsmen are assigned to Company C, 2nd Battalion, 142nd Infantry Regiment, based in Lubbock, Texas. Master Sgt. Lek Mateo

Here is a recent blog post by Rep. Aaron Peña:

Did Cindy
Sheehan's Vigil Work?

Cindy Sheehan's month of fame - or infamy, depending on one's vantage point - is
drawing to a close. The grieving mother of a US soldier slain in Iraq will end
her vigil at the president's ranch on Wednesday, almost certainly having failed
in her stated goal of a face-to-face meeting with Mr. Bush.If nothing else, the
spectacle she launched added an American point of focus to the larger tableau of
bad news for the US effort in Iraq, dominated by a US military death toll
approaching the symbolically significant 2,000-person mark, and faltering Iraqi
efforts to draft a broadly acceptable constitution. For Bush, there's bad
political news as well: a Gallup poll, released last Friday, showing the lowest
job-approval rating (40 percent) of his presidency. Even among Republicans,
support for Bush has hit an all-time low - albeit a still-high 82 percent. But
overall, only 34 percent of Americans are satisfied with how things are going in
this country, another low for Bush's 4-1/2 years in office, Gallup reports. The rest of the
by Linda Feldmann.

Here is my comment (in case of deletion):

Shaine Mata said...
No. She's anti-semitic, anti-war in a state (Texas) where a majority voted
for G.W., and is essentially calling people, like my sister who went to Iraq,
morons for going along with the President. We may be poor Mexicans, but we know
that defending our country is a worthy cause. Let me also remind Cindy that our
military is ALL VOLUNTEER, including her son (twice). My sister decided not to
volunteer again, after serious consideration, for my mother's sake. I would also
volunteer if it weren't for some hardware in my leg from a motorcycle
accident.We both rode to UTPA together on the morning of Sept. 11 and felt the
sadness and anger from the attacks. I can't fight on the battlefield, but I will
fight in the arena of ideas to defend our country. Aaron, please back away from
this lady. She's no good for you or your party. Already there is a backlash of
families with dead soldiers who are against her. On top of that Al Jazeera likes
Tuesday, August 30, 2005 3:27:19 AM

I have voted Democrat in the past because, quite frankly, the only option in Hidalgo county usually IS democrat. I would willingly vote democrat if the dems supported our country. In local elections, party doesn't really matter because local officials don't affect national policy a great deal. However, dems can't seriously believe they can get away with being "anti-war and supportive of our troops". Geez, who is running the war? Our brothers and sisters are over there. They are the ones carrying out the mission. The majority of them are over there willingly. Many of our brothers and sisters are reenlisting. Are they stupid? According to democrats, they are. Democrats say that our brothers and sisters are tricked into going to Iraq or Afghanistan. According to Dems, many of our troops joined the military because they had no other opportunities to advance in life. Then why reenlist? One tour to the Middle East should be enough to pad a resume. Yet we hear of soldiers reenlisting. There are even soldiers who have been severly injured or maimed who would go back if they had the chance. They've seen the good things that our country has done over there. They believe in the mission. In fact, I am going to get names of soldiers who went and would go again.

Despite what Democrats tell you, our people are out there doing good things. Visit http://www.centcom.mil/ for what is really going on. If you are Mexican, you've heard "Haz el bien sin mirar a quien." That is what our troops are doing over there. They are doing good things. If you are a recalcitrant Mexican, you are probably asking "then why do they hate us over there?" First of all, they don't all hate us. The majority are grateful for our presence. Second, do you remember that Jesus was killed for doing the right thing? It doesn't matter if they hate us or not, we are doing the right thing. It is ALWAYS more difficult to do the right thing. If you don't believe me, then contact a soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan and ask him or her what evil things they have done. They will tear you a new one for being one. Pay attention! The people against our soldiers are NOT Iraquis or Afghanis. They are from Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab countries that harbor anti-americans. NOTHING our soldiers could do would satify these radicals. It doesn't matter how many schools they build, how many hospitals they establish, how many public utilities they set up, or other good things our troops do. The same holds true for the Cindy Sheehan types and her sympathizers. It doesn't matter how much good our troops bring about in the Middle East. Nothing will satisfy them because they believe American and all her actions are pure EVIL. Is your son, daughter, brother, sister, or spouse evil? The Democrats think so. Our troops carry out what is good for our country. They are either good or evil. Don't be a weasel. If you don't support the mission,you don't support them. They ARE America. If you don't support them and their work, you don't support the country.

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