Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Illegal Immigration and the Chinese

I am going to tell you of a recent adventure that I had. I don't know that what I did was illegal or not. I do know that it was a 10 foot pole situation.

Those of you who know me, know that I do some work for a Chinese restaurant. Logically, my boss is Chinese. This means that he often gets calls from Customs and the Border Patrol to translate for them when they catch Chinese OTMs crossing the river. Of course, they ask for asylum, which gives them a chance to roam around the country until they get their court hearing. Some show up at court and others don't, choosing to remain as illegals rather than risk being deported.

Well, being Chinese, the OTMs sometimes come asking my boss for help. If you know a Chinese person in the RGV, you know that they work their tails off to get ahead. My boss is the same way. These two Chinese OTMs came asking for help to get to Houston for their connection to New York City. They asked him to rent a car and send them on their way. Of course, he said no. Why risk everything he has worked so hard to build to help two strangers who had no humility? He fed them as they had not eaten in a couple days. Poor bastards got Chinese food (hey, it's a Chinese restaurant), so they were probably hungry again 30 minutes later. So, my boss asks me to dump them somewhere near a Chinese restaurant. So, I drove around McAllen neighborhoods to confuse them and make sure they didn't come back. I went to another restaurant a few blocks away and somehow communicated with them to get the (^&$ off my truck. I don't know what happened to them after that.

Later, my boss explained to me that many Chinese restaurants and businesses owned by a Chinese smuggler will pay for these people to come over (not him, he's the only Chinese person in his business). What happens is that the smuggled person's family is held as collateral until they pay off their debt for being smuggled in. These OTMs work for a few years at less than minimum wage to repay the debt and prevent one of their family members from getting killed. This is why you see at some Chinese buffets that all the workers are Chinese and barely speak English. They are probably Chinese mojados.

So, if people can come from 6,000 miles away, not knowing Spanish or English , and can cross the Rio Grande and land jobs, what could a determined terrorist do?

So far, we have had one suspected terrorist come into Harlingen Airport. We are getting increasing numbers of MS 13, Marasalvatrucha 13, gang members getting caught crossing the border locally. This gang has been known to have been in contact with Al Qaeda. With increasing numbers of Chinese and MS 13 gangsters being caught crossing the river, doesn't it stand to reason that MAYBE, our border needs better protection?

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