Monday, August 25, 2014

Was Today a Crazy Day in the RGV, or What?

Today seemed a particularly crazy day in the news here in the Rio Grande Valley.

Let's start off with the first day of school. Today, parents, children, and the community at large scrambled around like ants after their hill is kicked over. Police everywhere watching trouble spots where people get gnarled up dropping off their kids, and watching for dummies talking on their phone (or texting) through school zones. So, the craziness started with people trying to readjust to the school routine.

Then, apparently, Weslaco's water was contaminated overnight because of too much demand. Their water processing could not keep up. I don't know exactly what that means, perhaps something with backflows where water is sucked back into the water lines, thus making the quality questionable. Who knows? In any case, the whole city had to lay off tap water. The schools had to order bottled water. Restaurants shut down. Dogs and cats...never mind. The City of Weslaco issued a notice overnight, as if anybody listens to or reads the news while screaming at the kids to put on their damned shoes and get in the car.

The Hidalgo school district found mold in some classrooms and had to cancel classes for those schools (school?). That's a good thing, right? Well not for parents who have been dreaming about getting rid of their kids since May. That's the sort of thing that trifles with their emotions. I'm surprise there were no assaults.

Speaking of assaults, apparently there was a kidnapping and assault in Donna. There were ambulances, police, and helicopters involved. Even +KGBTexas .communications and other media went out to cover the event. Last I heard, there was a standoff and some woman escaped. I don't know the details because I have a job and only have time to see headlines stream by.

Speaking of streams, I saw a photo of a rolled over vehicle on the expressway. There was another vehicle that caught fire. And, to top it off, Eastbound lanes were shut down on the Expressway in Mission.

All of this is what I could gather just from headlines zipping by. I'm sure there was much more craziness; but, I'm afraid to look.

What is wrong with you people?

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