Saturday, June 21, 2014

2014 A Slow Hurricane Season

Just yesterday, while thinking about the heat and the possibility of rain, it occurred to me that there have been no tropical storms nor hurricanes this year. 2013 was a very slow year with only two hurricanes and fourteen tropical storms. Nothing major. So, how is this year looking?

First, I discovered that Hurricane Season officially starts on June 1 and ends September 30. This means that it has been only about three weeks since the season started. Thus, not enough time for these random events to cook something up.

However, given that we had an unusually long winter, and that such storms love heat energy, it may be possible that we will have another slow year.

The predictions by people who keep stats say that we should have 5 hurricanes this year, with 2 major ones hitting land. And we should have about 10 tropical storms. If you do the numbers, that gets us up to the letter J in storm names.

Given the history of storms, we can likely expect both the Yucatan and Caribbean islands to get run over. As for landfall on the rest of North America, it's anybody's guess.

We should prepare for a storm, regardless. It doesn't hurt to be stocked up on what you might need.

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