Wednesday, March 30, 2011

South Texas Film Casting: "Miracle at Donna" Cast and Crew

Producer/director Frank Aragon is doing a documentary on the 1961
Donna Redskins Football State Champions. He is looking for documentary
crew and will also be conducting a one week film school. Below is the
information. Please contact him with any questions you may have.


Miracle at Donna (Working Title) is an American sports film.

In 1961, Donna High School in Donna, Texas, one head coach Earl Scott,
was not influenced by a common racism that still existed and treated
every team member equally resulting in inspiring his team to the State

A miraculous story of a very special group of young men who overcame
every unimaginable obstacle and a town that overcame racial barriers
sooner then the rest of the country, this was a result of a couple of
very special coaches and trainers, and town that saw deeper and who
saw no color, just players.

While South Texas has not seen another State Championship since 1961,
Head Coach, Earl Scott, and his 18 member team of Hispanics and Whites
have become legends amongst the sports fans in the community.

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1211 Entertainment, Frank Aragon producer/director will begin shooting
re-creation/re-enactment footage for the documentary "Miracle at
Donna" on Monday April 18, 2011 for approx ten days.

Seeking crew and cast for "Miracle at Donna"

casting towns people, football players, young kids between ages of
10-19 years old.
all pay is deffered, copy, credit, meals.

Seeking crew for documentary recreation reenactment footage,

Gaffer with truck grip and lighting

Production Designer


6 day shoot beginning April 19th thru April 26th, 2011.

There is pay. 150.00 a day

Writer/Producer/Director Frank Aragon will be teaching a one week film
school while shooting the upcoming documentary "Miracle At Donna" The
True story of 1961 Donna Redskins
The workshop will take place on location during the upcoming shoot the
week of April 18, 2011.

The Workshop will be for 6 days and will last 12 hours a day.

You will learn production first hand, camera/DP techniques, sound,
production, in a narrative/ documentary feature format.

The total cost of the workshop is 500.00 dollars.

Only 20 students will be taken on for this workshop.


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