Friday, November 20, 2009

Mission CISD Transportation department overload will cause bus delays this afternoon

Mission CISD (Consolidated Independent School District) officials are asking parents to be patient this afternoon as they work to get children home after school.  The district's transportation department has been overwhelmed, leaving the district short on buses to use for taking students home at the end of the school day.  Twenty of the district's 72 available buses are being used for a larger than usual number of UIL events.

While today's bus shortage is expected to impact the junior highs and high schools the most, a number of elementary school routes will likely be impacted as well.  District officials say delays could be as much as an hour.

District officials said attempts were made to use charter buses for some of the UIL events, which would have lessened the problem.  However, no charter buses in the area were available.

District officials are making attempts to get word out to as many parents of children who ride the bus as possible.

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