Thursday, November 19, 2009

Daniel Chavez to Run Against Henry Cuellar for Congressional District 28

Yes,  It's True - 
Daniel Chavez  Is Running As A Republican!

McAllen Tea Party cannot endorse any candidates, but will put out information about candidates and their campaigns.  Here is an update for the kick-off campaign of Daniel Chavez, who is running against Henry Cuellar for District 28 Congressman.  The Holiday Inn where the kick-off will be held is on Shary Road south of Exp. 83.  See below for more information.

November 12, 2009 - A MESSAGE FROM DANIEL
The face of politics has changed.

The Health Bill has passed in the House. In the darkness of night, Democratic representatives passed the largest and most expensive legislation that will impact every segment of our life, liberty and freedom.   

After months of contacting our representatives, countless meetings and protests, and poll after poll indicating the American sentiment against this bill, the Democratic members of Congress opted not to listen. No longer do we, as Americans, have a symbiotic relationship with this party. For that reason, my conscience will not allow me to carry the weight of representing you under the Democratic banner that refuses to listen to the voters and condones voting on a bill in the middle of the night; a bill of such significance and consequence that it will severely affect all our lives. 

Armed with the purpose to serve, this week I will file my candidacy with the Federal Elections Committee as a Republican Candidate for the 28th Congressional District of Texas, and in December will file for a place on the ballot in the 2010 election.

In the coming months, I will keep constituents up-to-date on the actions taken by our current representative so that we, as voters may hold him accountable. Together, we will restore America's liberties, rebuild the trust lost by the House of Representatives, and regain the fiscal responsibility of our country.

With your help, we can reclaim our political representation; one which truly represents 'We the people.' This is your voice being heard - your choice for the future. May God Bless each of you and this great nation.
Daniel Chavez


Daniel's Kick Off For His Campaign for Congressman of District 28

Our campaign officially gets started on Tuesday,  November 24th at 6 pm.  All are welcome to attend.  We'll be at the Holiday Inn on at 901 S. Shary Road, one block south of Highway 83!
 Hope to see you all there!

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