Wednesday, August 29, 2007

High School Football is On the Way

You know you've been waiting for it. You did not like the way last year turned out. You heard that this year's team is going to really kick butt. High School football is ON!

Football in Texas is a big thing. Rio Grande Valley football is even bigger. I'm a bit torn on this. Many people in the RGV life for football, but our people are small. When they make it to state, they get pounded by the giants who live in San Antonio and Houston. But it's still pretty exciting when an RGV team makes it to state.

If you are a big football fan, I would recommend listening to and interacting with my friend, the C Dogg, Chris Doelle at Lonestar Grid Iron. Raise awareness about RGV football on this popular podcast.

You can also get some local fame by sponsoring the show. Tell Chris that Shaine recommended the show for your ad. The beauty of this show is that you get nationwide exposure. In case you're wondering, don't forget that a big part of our economy is tourism. So, whenever a tourist comes to town, they may very well come to your business because they heard about it on Lonestar Grid Iron.

I'm sure you have your season tickets and a copy of the season games memorized by now. You are just waiting for the weekend. Get ready for a great season! May the best teams win.

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