Sunday, September 18, 2005

Going to Nuevo Progreso

It's probably been over a year since I crossed the border. I don't have any business or family in Mexico. After having lived there on and off as a kid, the whole tourism thing really isn't so appealing. So, why did I go? Well, I took my wife to Nuevo Progreso to see a dentist. Dentists over there are superior to U.S. dentists in that they will attend to you right away and you don't have to deal with insurance issues. Dentists on this side of the border will set you an appointment 1 month in advance, pain or no pain. Our dentists also charge so much money that insurance is necessary, except that dental insurance, at least the dental insurance plan Hidalgo County offers its employees, does not cover surgical procedures. So, if you are in pain from a bad tooth, you have to wait 1 month to see the dentist and have to pay a great deal of money for relief. Crossing over to Nuevo Progreso, which has a large population of dentists, doctors, and pharmacies is an alternative to the majority of broke Rio Grande Valley residents. Even Winter Texans, our annual visitors from the northern states, take advantage of the cost savings for healthcare by crossing over into Nuevo Progreso. Proximity to Mexico, in this case, is an advantage to living in the Rio Grande Valley.

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