Tuesday, June 28, 2005

South Texas Heat

If you are considering visiting or coming to live in the Rio Grande Valley for the summer, be warned that the summer heat is unrelenting. The heat here does not feel the same as the heat in Arizona, New Mexico, or even as close as West Texas. No sir! The heat here has an added ingredient called humidity. The heat itself is not so bad. The high humidity makes it so that your sweat does not evaporate to cool your body. At 100% humidity, which we occasionally have, you will sweat buckets and not cool off. That is one of the worst feelings.

Our best friend in the RGV is air conditioning. The minute or two that you will be outdoors between your vehicle and home, work, or elsewhere will make you so glad for the invention as well. Keep in mind that most home air conditioners are designed to create a temperature difference between the indoors and outdoors of 20 degrees. So, if you AC unit cools your house down to 80 degrees on a hot day, consider that a victory. Pushing the temp lower than that is just begging for a huge electric bill.

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