Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The RGV Is Conservative But Votes Democrat

In one of the wierdest twists, if you interview the average person in the RGV to find out their political leanings, you would think that the Valley is predominantly conservative. Since we are largely Hispanic of Mexican descent, most people are Roman Catholic. So, most disfavor abortion. Nobody likes paying more taxes. We mostly want the government to provide services and stay out of our business. Most do not think that the U.S. should answer to the United Nations. And on and on. If you poll people on individual issues, you would walk away thinking that the Rio Grande Valley is strongly Republican.

The reality is that the community is brainwashed by our local media into thinking that Republicans are out to take away all government assistance and that they need to vote Democrat to maintain the status quo. If you watch Telemundo, assuming you understand Spanish, you can immediately see their leftist leanings. George Bush can do no right by their coverage. Radio is pretty much the same, except for talk radio. The people influencing the region have nothing in common with the influenced. The influenced are producers. They pick crops, do landscaping, work in plants, do construction, fix cars, etc. The influencers don't produce anything other than intellectual property. As is usually the case, people who produce intellectual property and make a good living of it tend to be idealistic. The people who actually produce things and make a lousy living tend to be realistic. However, in their limited understanding, the producers fall prey to the intellectual types. The logic is that the intellectuals are educated and know what is best. Therefore, the Valley votes Democrat election after election because the local media have biased everybody against the Republicans.

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