Friday, March 07, 2014

Winter Tall Grass

We live in a sub tropical climate. I never knew exactly what that meant. I still don't. But, I can definitely tell you that the winter weather has resulted in tall grass in my yard. Well, grass is a bit generous; weeds.

These past years have been rough on yards with the constant drought. If you drive around the Rio Grande Valley, you would have seen a bunch of brown yards and a few dirt yards. There wasn't enough rain to keep a healthy lawn. We could have watered our lawns; but, there were also watering restrictions.

So, what happens? You fall out of the habit of mowing your lawn. If your grass is just barely alive and growing very little in a month, you don't cut it as often. So, this winter, we have had a bit of moisture. But, more importantly, we have had cold weather.

In the RGV, we do not like cold weather. It is a time for soups, teas, coffee, sweet bread, menudo, and just staying indoors. The weather rarely drops below freezing; but, it's cold enough for us. Consequently, you neglect your yard.

So, my yard turned into a forest in just a couple weeks. Those weeds grew like it was nobody's business. We even had law enforcement stop by to conduct searches for missing children in our yard. I got the hint and got to work on cutting down the new forest. But, I seriously considered paying somebody to do it.

It took a few days; but, eventually my son and I got the lawn tamed a little. The weather is starting to warm up and the rain has not been as frequent. We think we can keep up with our yard. We have dealt with our winter tall grass.

If the rest of the year could measure out rain in small, frequent, quantities we would be grateful. Given the long drought, we don't really have grass. We would like the grass to grow and replace the weeds that are placeholders in our yard. Quite frankly, I'd rather have weeds than the dirt yard we had before.

I figure we can mow down the weeds to provide a mulch for the grass we hope grows in.

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