Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tropical Storm Debby Heading This Way, Maybe

Storm models have Tropical Storm Debby going in a variety of directions; but, they mostly agree that Texas is the target. As you can see from the models above, there is a good chance that the Rio Grande Valley will be hit.

Now is a good time to get your hurricane preparedness kit ready, if you haven't already. Tropical storms aren't generally as bad as hurricanes; but, this is a good practice run.

RGV Life recommends that you invest in a battery operated weather radio. They are a great way to stay informed should the power go out at home.

Plans generally recommend preparing 5 days of water and food; we recommend 2 weeks. If there is a storm coming, don't fill your refrigerator and freezer with food. If the power goes out for a prolonged time, your food will spoil. Dry goods and canned goods are best.

If you know somebody who may need help evacuating, call 211 to inform state officials and make arrangements for possible evacuation. This includes the elderly, people with special needs, and even if you don't think your vehicle can handle a long trip to San Antonio or Laredo. Texas Department of Emergency Preparedness needs to know in advance so that they can provide enough buses to help you evacuate.

This is a dress rehearsal. Let's make sure we have everything ready.

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