Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gilberto Hinojosa on Texas Tribune

 I think Gilberto Hinojosa completely wrong. He's a nice guy; but, he's wrong. The Democrats are losing ground precisely because they are too far left.

He suggests moving further left by giving lefties "red meat". But, you deserve to see both sides of the argument. He mentions the 3 G's on the part of the Republicans. Flip that around and what does that mean? He wants to eliminate guns, wants gay involvement in EVERYTHING (whether you want it or not), and wants to eliminate God. It's the opposite of what he says Republicans represent, right? Of course, these are red herrings. The real issue is jobs, the economy, and whether you think socialism will make things better. 

Now that I think about it, it's probably better that Democrats vote for him as State Chair. The farther left the Texas Democrats go, the more fringe they become, thus ensuring victories for Republicans. The crazy Democrats are Republicans' best friends.

 If you doubt me, pay attention to what kind of Democrats win in the upcoming election. You'll see that they are conservative or moderate Democrats. They'll win, help the party out; then, once things get underway, the party will turn and run opponents against them for not being Democrat (socialist) enough. It's ridiculously predictable.

 The gist: There is NO PLACE for moderate or conservative Democrats in the party. You are either a ultra-liberal, or a super-liberal. All others need not apply.

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