Sunday, February 12, 2012

2 More Months for the Costco Grand Opening

Yesterday, my family and I were looking for one of those buckets that have a built-in mop wringer. Having seen all the Costco tents around the RGV signing people up, I figured they were already open. Nope; they will open in a couple months, that is in April.

They are signing people up to a membership in advance to avoid the long lines on the day they open their doors. I don't remember the exact details; luckily I'm a blogger, not a journalist. Their memberships are a regular membership and premium one, costing around $50 and $120.

The premium membership seems to be the greater value because you get 2% back on your purchases, which can pay for your membership the following year. However, if you simply want to save money on food and other goods you won't find at other retail stores, even the $50 membership can be a good value.

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