Wednesday, October 05, 2011

T.C. Betancourt Announced His Intention Not to Run Against Representative Gonzalez Should They be Paired in the Same District


October 5, 2011

T.C. Betancourt Announced His Intention Not to Run Against
Representative Gonzalez Should They be Paired in the Same District

Democrat will continue to be a candidate for State Representative

 (Edinburg, Texas) – Democratic candidate for State Representative
T.C. Betancourt announced today that if he is paired with State
Representative Veronica Gonzales in district 41, it is not his
intention to run against her for the March 2012 election. He went on
to say, "As I analyze the current turmoil with the state house
district maps, I find it imperative that I take this time to determine
our strategy for the potential changes. It is important to me that the
democratic party find some sense of stability through these trying

The Justice Department declared recently that the voting map for House
district 41, among others, does not meet federal anti-discrimination
provisions. In a court filing it as state that the district boundaries
redrawn to reflect changes in census data do not meet stipulations
under the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that prevents minority
discrimination in the electoral process.

Betancourt stated, "I want to be clear that I will continue to be a
candidate for the State House of Representatives. At the onset of our
campaign we were very clear that we were running for an open seat
against Republican Representative Aaron Pena.  Should this continue to
be the case after the new lines are drawn, I assure you that I will
continue to run.  It is my sincere desire to serve the people and if
afforded the situation to not be paired with Representative Gonzalez,
then I will continue seeking the legislative office." He stated that
he is proud of Representative Gonzalez's accomplishments during a
tough session and how well she was still able to represent us and get
critical funding for our area.

 Mr. Betancourt continues to believe that Mr. Pena's district, if the
lines stay the same, needs a fresh start and believes that it is time
to focus on caring for people. He stated the Republicans this last
session cost South Texas billions of dollars in critical funding over
the next several years. "I intend to work hard to create good-paying
jobs, affordable healthcare and offer more people the ability to
access the education they want. These are the opportunities and
benefits that I have provided our employees and families in Hidalgo
County for the past decade. I can be trusted to fight for the people
of South Texas," he said.

Mr. Betancourt and his wife Ana started Elite Rehab Services six years
ago, a regional outpatient therapy clinic specializing in occupational
and speech services. In addition, they provide their clients with
nutritional and social services. They service pediatric and adult
clients throughout the South Texas area and San Antonio. He is also
involved in the operation of Betancourt & Co., a local-area produce

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