Wednesday, September 14, 2011

STFC: Cinesol 36 Hour Film Race Results

Here are the Results of the 36 Hour Film Race

The 6th Annual 36 Hour Film Race was a great success! We had 17 teams
register. Eleven made the deadline. Three turned in late. Three
dropped out.

The teams had 36 hours to do a 10 minute horror short film. They had
to include a Harlingen mural, a Locals Lounge sticker, a DJ, and say
"I think we're back in business". Here are the 14 films, team names
and the awards they won.

1. Better - Gorillaman Pictures
Best Actress - Ivana Gonzales
2. Dead - Quad "S" Entertainment
3. Final Broadcast - Ozzie Lozza Productions
Best Use of Harlingen Mural
4. Gameshow - C.A.B. Films
Best Use of Sticker
Best Lighting - Edwin Mendoza
Best Makeup - Patty Moreno & John Flores
Best Special Effects - Johnathan Torres
Best Supporting Actress - Laya Hernandez
Best Supporting Actor - John Flores
Best Actor - Rob Garcia
Best Director - Albert Mancha
Best Film
5. Good Samaritan - Shrinking Mushroom
6. Half and Half - 2160 Productions
Best Editing Trick (Mirror Scene) - Joe Martinez
7. It Came From Outer Space - Half-Assed Films
Best Fight Scene
Best Musical Score
8. Las Cruces - Unusual Productions
9. The Last Gig - Team Fuaa
Best Wardrobe - Esteban L. Garcia
10. Rancor - Green Leaf Filming Society
Best Death Scene
Best Editing - Daniel Ledesma
Best Cinematography - Michael Sandoval
1st Runner Up
11. Replay - Legit Pictures
Best Bromance - Tomas Lopez & Julio Hernandez
Best Script - Christian Blake, Tomas Lopez & Julio Hernandez
12. Sick and Tired - Lighthouse Productions
13. Sweaters - Intelligente Pulpo Productions
Best Comedy Relief - Josh Palacios
Best Ensemble
Best U18 Film
14. Welcome to Eden - Impossible Films

Don't forget we will be at UTPA this weekend. Go to CineSol Film
Festival for more information.

Special guests include Alvaro Rodriguez, Luis Robledo, Jacob Roman,
Jose Cruz Jr., Pepe Quintanilla, Rogelio Agrasanchez, Jose Lomas, Joe
Castro and Steven Escobar.

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