Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Catch RGV Life on Google Maps

RGV Life is posting events on the calendar on Google Maps.

If you own an Android phone, you can click on the Layers menu, the middle button on the top right of the map. You can select the Buzz layer to activate it. You'll then see conversation bubbles appear on the map. You can tap on those bubbles to read public conversations and view public photos posted by other users, including RGV Life. At the bottom right of Google Maps, you'll see the multi-colored Buzz button that you can use to create your own posts.

If you do not have an Android phone, you can still use a browser to look around your area using the Nearby tab in your phone's browser. Visit the mobile version of Buzz and log in using your Google account.

We are experimenting with Google Buzz as a way to announce local events and distribute blog posts visually. We think that as more people buy smartphones, location-based messaging will become more popular. Our hope is to provide something to read at as many establishments as possible.

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