Wednesday, September 22, 2010

RGV Life Is Finally Joining Twitter

I finally got around to creating a Twitter account for RGV Life. As you may know, most likely not, I got started in the whole social media craziness with blogging here at RGV Life. This blog has provided many opportunities for me. While I have gained recognition on my own as Shaine Mata, web stats show that RGV Life is its own entity.

To avoid the whole multiple personality craziness, I'll continue tweeting as myself; but, I'll shunt some of the local retweets and other regional stuff to RGV Life's Twitter.

RGV Life has grown despite my own lack of effort. So, I figure it may be viable as a separate business.

I've also joined the Our Border group on Ning, which seeks out border content. I think RGV Life can contribute to the conversation about life on the border better than me as an individual with my personal emphasis on social media.

Let's see where this goes.

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