Saturday, March 06, 2010

BETA High - South Texas ISD

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South Texas Business, Education & Technology Academy



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Are you ready to think outside the book?

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Your future starts today. Do you plan to be a business executive launching a national product roll-out, a teacher sharpening the mind and talent of a future leader or a tech managing computer and communication infrastructures for an international corporation? No matter how you choose to change the world, your journey begins at BETA.

At BETA, you will gain the academic footing, technical ability and self-discipline you need to succeed in college and the professional workforce. Should you pursue a career in business, education or technology, your hands-on experience at BETA will give you the competitive edge. BETA is a different type of high school for a different type of student. Are you ready to think outside the book?

510 S. Sugar Rd., Edinburg, TX 78539 ◊ (800) 474-6040 ◊


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