Friday, October 30, 2009

HUB City Toastmasters Oct. 28/Nov. 4

The HUB City Toastmasters met on Wednesday, Oct. 28,
at the Pharr Chamber of Commerce, 308 W. Park.

Club President Brian Epps called the meeting to order and
introduced guests John Lopez and Emma Carrillo.  Thanks to
Phyllis Smith, Treasurer of Metro Toastmasters, for attending
and helping us out.

Katrin Miovski served as Toastmaster of the meeting.  She
introduced Jose Guerrero who spoke from project #5 in
the Communication Manual, Your Body Speaks, entitled
"Hitting the Sweet Spot."  The second speaker was Brian
who spoke from project #4, Get to the Point, entitled "Things
I Want to Do."

Luis Bazan served as General Evaluator. Both speakers received
good marks from evaluators John Lopez and Phyllis Smith as well
as suggestions on improving their presentations.
Arlene Hernandez served as Grammarian and Phyllis Allen as Timer.
Tony Navarra presented challenging Table Topics to Luis, Jose, Brian,
Emma, Arlene and Phyllis A.

It was a lively meeting.  Guest John Lopez is a former Toastmaster
and gave suggestions on making our meetings even better.  Emma
said this was her first time at a Toastmasters meeting and that this is
what she needs at this time in her life.   She is joining.   Welcome Emma
as a new HUB City Toastmasters member!

Note to all paid members.  Your dues are paid through March 31, 2010.
Semi-annual dues are $33.

Luis reported that he had visited with our fellow member, Roberto
Roberto will be receiving a kidney transplant in mid-November.  Best
Roberto from all of us at HUB City Toastmasters.

I was pleased to see in The Monitor today the listing for HUB City Club
that we had been trying to get in.

Meeting schedule for Wednesday, November 4, 2009.

Toastmaster;  Luis Bazan
Speaker:  Emma Carrillo, project #1, Icebreaker
Speaker:  Arlene Hernandez, project #2,  Organize your Speech
Speaker:  Raciel Juarez, project #1, Icebreaker
Speaker: Michael Palomo, project #1, Icebreaker
General Evaluator:  Phyllis Allen
Evaluators:  Loel Garza, Jose Guerrero, Shaine Mata, Tony Navarra
Table Topics Master:  Joey Gomez
Timer:  Mickey Steib
Grammarian and Ah Counter:  Esmeralda Hernandez

Phyllis Allen
Club Advisor

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